ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy PRO 7.65 with Crack

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy PRO

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro Crack Download is the privacy tool that anybody would need to use to protect their online experience. Browsing, buying online, watching online TV channels or reading online newspapers are part of our daily life. What is important to know is that when we connect to the Internet we are exposed, our buying/browsing habits and our confidential data are at risk. Of course there are several means and levels of security you can take online, like the ones you have for your home: you have a door lock, you have even a dog barking and you may have also a security system, surveillance system and so on.
Every person needs a different level of protection for his/her privacy. Therefore you are in charge with deciding the level of protection you need. You should be aware of this: when connected to the Internet your location and browsing habits are exposed to the accessed websites, because they know your IP/country/city/street that you are accessing from. If you don’t mind, that is fine.

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There are numerous websites and online services that are accessible only from specific countries so users located in other parts of the world are blocked from gaining access to them. One of the ways to bypass this restriction is to connect to the Internet using a proxy server, so that computer’s IP changes and the target website considers it to come from a whitelisted area. This can be achieved using a dedicated software solution, such as ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro.
The application comes with an intuitive graphic interface so that even novices can easily choose the proxy server they want to connect to, so as to gain access to the websites they are interested in.
Furthermore, ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro also comes with a dedicated filter that blocks advertisements, page counters and tracking script. This way, you can navigate the web and access your chosen websites without any distractions and without worrying that your browsing habits will be monitored.
ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro is a service where you can surf anonymously across the Internet. The app feature set is actually broader than that because for people abroad, they are frequently blocked from watching content from other countries. The BBC iPlayer, for instance, won’t normally work for anyone outside the UK. By using this software, you can circumvent this block and can again enjoy UK entertainment from the BBC. Many services in the US also block in a similar fashion and this software will get around that. There is also a privacy tool for anonymous web browsing coupled with ad blocking. A good package of options in a single tool.


  • Watch previously blocked entertainment globally
  • Surf anonymously through a proxy server
  • Block ads from displaying
  • Works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers


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